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Corporate oath
Abide by the company's management system and agree with the company's business philosophy. Do a good job of every capacitor, treat every employee sincerely, serve every customer and partner sincerely; do your best to solve the pain points and difficulties of the industry, do it sincerely, small but beautiful, small and excellent, small and small Refined, reassuring partners, loyal customers, and loyal employees. Unite as one, work hard, and work hard to realize the dreams of our Dongcheng people.
As a glorious Dong Chengxin, I solemnly swear
Work hard, be honest For the dream, never give up
Inherit the spirit of Eastcom Casting Conscience Capacitors
Go beyond yourself and keep innovating To be an industry technology leader
Altruism first, self-interest Honesty and trustworthiness, generosity
Our slogan is :
Make every capacitor carefully, provide customers with high-quality products, and create a better life for employees.
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