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Development path
Development path
Established Toshin Silk Mill Co., Ltd.        1950-06
Started production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors        1959-10
Changed company name to Toshin Industry Co., Ltd.        1959-10
Established Dongguan Dongchengxin Electronics Co., Ltd.        2021-01
ISO-9001 Certification Acquired (Tochenshin)        2022-05
ISO-14001 Certification Acquired (Tochenshin)        2022-05
IATF-TS16949 Certification Acquired (Tochenshin)        2022-09
Established Eastcom Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan        2002-09
China Dongxingong Electronics Factory started production        2003-02
ISO-14001 Certification Acquired (Maruko Office)        2004-03
ISO-9001 Certification Acquired (Itoigawa TK)        2004-04
Established Korea Dongshin Industry Co., Ltd.        2009-01
Established Itakura Electronics Co., Ltd.        1973-05
1962-07     Started production of film capacitors
1985-06     Established Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd.
2012-12     Established Eastcom Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
2017-11     Established Dongguan Liyuan Dongxin Industrial
                  Electronics Co., Ltd.
2017-12     Established U-NIT TK Co., Ltd.
2019-12     Merged with Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd.

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